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Save Thousands on Irrigation Water Costs at Your Schools

With school district budgets getting squeezed tighter and tighter more each year, finding places to cut costs is more important than ever.


UsingSprinkler Times, you can cut thousands of dollars a year from your outdoor watering costs. Campus Facility Managers and Landscape Crews no longer need the complex calculations required to become expert Irrigation Managers. With Sprinkler Times, the program determines optimum watering schedules and the irrigation manager simplyinputs the recommended schedule that Sprinkler Times provides into the sprinkler timer.


How it Works

Sprinkler Times uses regionally-based, historical climate information and combines that with plant type, sprinkler type, soil type and sun exposure to generate a customized monthly schedule to determine the best possible watering settings for your clients automated sprinkler systems to keep lawns healthy and water usage at its lowest. Click here to learn more.


Sprinkler Times is not a replacement to your current timer; it is an online irrigation management programming tool to manage the schedules in your existing timer.


Below are a few commercial properties that have implemented the Sprinkler Times technology to better manage their outdoor irrigation systems, allowing the building owner to save a significant amount on their monthly water bill.


With short help videos available on every screen, users will quickly grasp the principles of advanced irrigation management as they use Sprinkler Times to generate expert watering schedules and proactively control water use.


For the price of a single sprinkler head you can insure that your conventional timers have a great watering program every month by using Sprinkler Times.


Developed By Landscaping and Irrigation Experts

Sprinkler Times was developed by a landscaping and irrigation experts at a landscaping contracting firm in California’s Silicon Valley. The advanced technology has been practiced for over 20 years and is battle tested by top landscape and irrigation professionals.


Sprinkler Times is $5.99 per timer and includes up to 32 customizable zones. Additional timers can be purchased inside the program.


Click here to purchase the online version of Sprinkler Times. Or download the Sprinkler Times app in the AppStore or Android Market.


For more information about how Sprinkler Times can benefit you, please email us at


Please note: It is ill advised to over-write site data to use one timer program on multiple sprinkler systems. Over-writing site data will eliminate your ability to benefit from the water adjustment feature, thus losing the principal water management advantage of evolving and constantly fine tuning the water management potential.