Reduce Your Water Bill Using the Sprinklers in Your Yard


Save Money

Overwatering is one of the most common and costly mistakes homeowners make on their yards.Sprinkler Times will produce a customized monthly watering schedule so you use the least amount of water possible. Landscapes stay healthy and homeowners save an average of $50 to $300 annually!


Conserve Water

Most people are unknowingly overwatering their landscape by more than 50%.Sprinkler Times takes into account the historic weather patterns for your location, along with the unique specifications of your landscape to generate a customized schedule for you each month. Designed by a team of irrigation and landscaping professionals, Sprinkler Times is committed to reducing household water use across the country by providing new and easy ways to save on your water bill.


Solve the Timer Mystery

Homeowners are constantly trying to determine how long they should water their lawn. With our easy-to-use interface and simple step-by-step set-up process, you can finally take the guesswork out of setting up your timer. Each screen includes a customized Help section with short videos to walk you through the process, giving you tips and tricks to maximize the effectiveness of the sprinklers.


Customized to Fit Your Needs

Sandy soil? Shady spots? No problem! Sprinkler Times will produce a customized watering schedule based on the unique parameters of your yard so you no longer have to guess at how much water your landscape needs. And with our Watering Adjustment feature you can target in on certain zones until you hit that perfect balance.


Works Where You Need It

Access Sprinkler Times for your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or computer.

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Sprinkler Times is $5.99 for one timer and 32 zones, and can be purchased online or for your smartphone.


To purchase Sprinkler Times for your computer, click here.  Or, to purchase the Sprinkler Times app, search Sprinkler Times in the AppStore or Android Market.

Once registered, you can access your Sprinkler Times account across all platforms.