Irrigation & Horticulture Academics

Accelerate Your Irrigation Management Expertise

Students today are able to watch in real time as every facet of the landscape industry evolves, thanks to the continuous improvement in tools and methods used.Up until now, most course work associated with Irrigation Management would have been taught in a math class.


With Sprinkler Times, those complex run-time algorithms are generated through the program, allowing Irrigation Management students to focus their attention on water management, rather than memorizing compound formulas.


Sprinkler Times computes and determines the optimum base schedule so the irrigation manager can concentrate on hydraulics, system distribution uniformity, and fine tuning the base program to optimize water management.


How It Works

Largely centered on the factors of the Landscape Irrigation Audit criteria, Sprinkler Times uses regionally-based, historical climate information and combines that with plant type, sprinkler type, soil type and sun exposure to generate a customized monthly watering schedule to be manually entered into an automated sprinkler system.


The schedule is created by algorithms that automatically separate zones into assigned programs, provide cycle and soak times, and create base schedules for consumers and contractors. Click here to learn more.


Benefits for Students and Professors:

  • Students, instructors, and even parents can have a sophisticated water management tool at their fingertips
  • Per the IA Audit recommendation, program has a powerful adjustment feature to fine tune each zone after the base schedule has operated for a short period
  • Interactive program makes the subject fun and interesting while teaching principals of irrigation water saving tips
  • Short video tutorials on every screen offer valuable principles of advanced irrigation management
  • Using Sprinkler Times over a four week period will accelerate the learning curve for any irrigation candidate
  • Sprinkler Times is an inexpensive yet robust tool that can be integrated into the class curriculum


Sprinkler Times founders are perennial participant at Planet Career days, and will gladly share concepts and experiences with network associates about developing an application for the Landscape Industry.


Battle Tested for Quality Results

Sprinkler Times was developed by landscaping and irrigation experts at a landscaping contracting firm in California’s Silicon Valley. The advanced technology has been practiced for over 20 years and is battle tested by top landscape and irrigation professionals.


Sprinkler Times is $5.99 per timer and includes up to 32 customizable zones. Additional timers can be purchased inside the program.



Click here to purchase the online version of Sprinkler Times. Or download the Sprinkler Times app in the AppStore or Android Market.


For more information about how Sprinkler Times can benefit you, please email us at


Please note: It is ill advised to over-write site data to use one timer program on multiple sprinkler systems. Over-writing site data will eliminate your ability to benefit from the water adjustment feature, thus losing the principal water management advantage of evolving and constantly fine tuning the water management potential.