Differentiate Your Business by Reducing Landscape Water Use on Your Maintenance Properties

Landscape Maintenance Contractors constantly face the challenge of bringing their clients new value-added services to help them maintain the longevity of their newly installed landscape.


With growing popularity of sustainable business practices combined with the skyrocketing water prices, customers are looking to contractors for tactical solutions. Sprinkler Times is an inexpensive solution that will enhance your clients overall experience and satisfaction with a job, while reducing the landscape water used to maintain a property. With Sprinkler Times, you can grow your landscape business and sell more contracts while saving your clients money at the same time!


How it Works

Sprinkler Times uses regionally-based, historical climate information and combines that with plant type, sprinkler type, soil type and sun exposure to generate a customized monthly schedule to determine the best possible watering settings for your clients automated sprinkler systems to keep lawns healthy and water usage at its lowest. Click here to learn more.


“Landscape professionals across the country have no real tools to calculate water run times without performing a time prohibitive water audit,” says Tom Del Conte, president of Del Conte’s Landscaping and co-founder of Sprinkler Times. “With competitive forces at play, most landscapers are forced to be content with just getting close to a good watering schedule. This new app and website program easily and instantly calculates the correct settings for automated sprinkler systems so that landscapes get the optimal amount of water for specific regions and plant types all year long.”


Maintenance Contractors and Account Managers Will Appreciate the Benefits:

  • Sophisticated water management tool for every controller you install
  • Robust program allows you to store fine-tuned water adjustments for individual zones
  • Easily hone in on great watering schedules each month for every controller you manage
  • Help videos makes programming simple and provides tips on maintaining a successful irrigation program
  • Complex irrigation management program is the only product of its kind on the market


Developed By Landscaping and Irrigation Experts

Largely centered on the factors of the Landscape Irrigation Audit criteria, the developers of Sprinkler Times created algorithms which automatically separate zones into assigned programs, provide cycle and soak times, and create base schedules for consumers and contractors. As the Irrigation Association (IA) Audit recommends, the program has a powerful water adjustment feature to easily fine tune each irrigation zone after the base schedule has operated for a short period until you hit that perfect balance.



Sprinkler Times is $5.99 per timer and includes up to 32 customizable zones. Additional timers can be purchased inside the program.


Click here to purchase the online version of Sprinkler Times. Or download the Sprinkler Times app in the AppStore or Android Market.


For more information about how Sprinkler Times can benefit you, please email us at


Please note: It is ill advised to over-write site data to use one timer program on multiple sprinkler systems. Over-writing site data will eliminate your ability to benefit from the water adjustment feature, thus losing the principal water management advantage of evolving and constantly fine tuning the water management potential.