Conservation Departments

How Do You Help Your Customers Conserve More Water?

Smart Controllers are all the rage these days. And for good reason—they work. But what about the 95% of customers who are still using conventional irrigation controllers?  While aided by rebate programs, the conversion rate to Smart Controllers is just not high enough. Customers are simply not willing to spend hundreds of dollars to make the change.


And water districts face the never ending question of: How do we conserve more water?


Sprinkler Times is an inexpensive solution that has the potential to move the needle on regional water conservation.


How it Works

Sprinkler Times uses regionally-based, historical climate information and combines that with plant type, sprinkler type, soil type and sun exposure to generate a customized monthly schedule to determine the best possible watering settings for your customers automated sprinkler systems. Click here to learn more.


Unlike most web-based irrigation scheduling programs that are static, Sprinkler Times is an interactive program that accounts for various conditions of a customer’s property.


While there are many variables to take into account when calculating a watering schedule, our research found it counter-productive to include every element. We found the current model to be the optimum solution set for public action and success. That being the case, Sprinkler Times includes a powerful tool to account for any missing variables– the Water Adjustment feature—which allows customers to fine-tune the water in each zone until they hit the perfect balance, just as a professional Irrigation Manager would do.


You and Your Clients Will Appreciate the Benefits:

  • Sophisticated water management tool for all controllers within your municipality
  • Saves customers on average 30% on their water bills
  • Fun, easy to use program that can be accessed online or via a smartphone or iPad
  • Schedule is completely customized to fit each properties unique landscape features
  • Easy to use interface and various platform options appeal to a larger variety of people
  • Complex irrigation management program is the only product of its kind on the market
  • Robust backend algorithms with user-friendly interface makes it easy for customers to program
  • Help videos on every screen makes programming simple and provides tips on maintaining a successful irrigation program
  • Water Adjustment feature allows customers to fine tune each zone to hit that perfect balance


Developed By a Team of Experts

The advanced technology behind Sprinkler Times has been practiced for over 20 years and is battle tested by top landscape and irrigation professionals. However, the program itself was developed by veteran Certified Irrigation Managers and a team of consumer marketers to make the product not only highly robust in functionality but also compelling and easy to use.


The scientific aspect is obvious to users, and yet manifests in easy to use, interactive elements of their own yard. The Help videos are professionally recorded, very engaging, and extremely informative. The program even has a picture feature which lets users display a photo for each zone in their yard.


Partnering With Water Departments

Individual accounts can be purchased for $5.99, but Sprinkler Times will work with water agencies for bulk pricing. A custom distribution program can be developed for partial consignment through water districts to customers. Or it can be individually assigned to your customers via the account number and tracked to follow up with custom messages for both activated accounts and non-activated accounts


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